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A Sample of Art for your Children's Room

How do you prepare for or celebrate the arrival of your new one-of-a-kind, perfect Baby? Maybe you'd like to have some Custom hand-painted oil paintings! This is truly unique baby nursery décor! And unlike most baby art for sale, it will be appropriate for a lifetime.


Why did I get into doing Commission Original Paintings for babies and children? It happened by accident!


Often when I sell my work, I receive comments and pictures of excitement about putting my custom hand-painted oil paintings up in living rooms, foyers, dining rooms and bedrooms as some people are overjoyed about their large game room art. Then, all at once, I had several people send me photos of their kids' rooms with smiling kids pointing to their new paintings or baby nurseries waiting expectantly for new arrivals.

“Thanks so much; I received the paintings today (they sat at the post office for a couple days because my wife went into labor). We brought home our bundle of joy today and opened up the package as well. My wife and I love the paintings.


I bought them for my new son, Aidan, to help decorate his room. I think the whimsical landscapes with such vibrant colors will have a very positive impact on his life.

Thanks again so much. Keep up the good work!"

                                   - Scott Ruppel, Navarre, Florida, USA -

These custom hand-painted oil paintings are perfect for a baby or child's room because:


  1. Reminiscent of both Dr. Suess, Emily Carr and the Group of Seven, created from bold, beautiful colours and cheerful scenes, these make unique baby nursery décor.
  2. These fine art paintings are created with a walnut based oil paint, M. Graham & Co. This means that the usual linseed oil isn’t there, which means, they won't off-gas as they cure, the way that traditional oils do. (Though I wouldn’t recommend chewy on the painting regardless!)
  3. If you happen to move during your child’s youth they can take their favorite painting with them… unlike an art mural for kids wall.
  4. Also, unlike a kid’s mural in their room, if you or they decide they don’t want it in their bedroom any more, just move the canvas painting to a different room. You may like the painting in your room for a while! That will save you from making a mess, painting 10 coats of paint to cover the child’s mural painting. Ack! And what happens when they change their mind the next day!!
  5. These original paintings are oil on canvas and have no glass, so if rough-housing in latter years manages to knock them off the walls, there won't be any shards of dangerous glass to clean up.
  6. Oil paintings need no care, except for an occasional dusting, but if they do get a little messy, its safe to wipe them with a damp cloth.
  7. Commission original paintings are made exactly the way that you want them.


So how do you get your hands on this unique baby nursery décor for your little one? If you are interested in Custom Hand-Painted Oil Paintings, glance through the Archives to decide what sort of images and colours you like best and Contact Me.


If you are interested in learning about the process of commissioning a painting Click Here. It does take 4 -6 weeks to create a commission painting, so if this is a baby shower gift, that is something to keep in mind, so plan ahead!


If you are most interested in baby art for sale that's already painted and is ready to go, Click Here to see all the amazingly whimsical landscape paintings that are currently available.


Create a Lasting Gift that will be Cherished for a Lifetime!

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