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Inject some colour into your world with a Hoedl original, inspired by the Canadian landscape. This is a unique opportunity to commission original oil paintings by the hugely popular West Coast Canadian artist Richard Hoedl.
Now you can have a one of a kind original fine art oil landscape painting created just for you exactly as you want it.

Huge Original Oil Paintings for Sale
Do you have walls that would fit art like this?

One of the most unique things about these custom high-quality hand-painted oil paintings is that they are created on location right in your home or business. I personally will arrive, paints and canvas in hand, to design, sketch, build and paint this original custom landscape painting in your home right before your eyes. You get to see the entire process first hand and give me feedback as I go along. From the first pencil marks of the sketch to the final brush stroke you will experience the whole thing.

If you were to approach a gallery to get a custom work of art like this done for you in your home or business by the actual artist it could easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, most of that going directly to the gallery..  But by dealing with the artist directly you can get a once in a lifetime deal... well if you ask nicely, maybe twice!

This concept really hasn't existed since the days when artists painted the estates or country manors of their patrons, who supported the artists' livelihoods.  Just like in those bygone days, you will actually be collaborating with me to create the exact painting you want to enhance your space and your life. The canvas will be built in pieces off site and then brought into your home and assembled. The canvas will be stretched and primed all by hand, just as it has been done for the last 500 years.

Hoedl Original Art Paintings for Sale
"Custom hand-painted oil paintings for your Home!"
Original Hand Painted Works of Art
Hoedl with a 4'x 6' Painting

This series of impressionistic contemporary landscape oil paintings are inspired by the Group of Seven and Emily Carr. Utilizing the old Renaissance master's technique, the canvas is often first painted with a warm orange ground (foundation). This brings soothing warmth to the entire completed painting. The images are filled with the feeling of movement and activity, yet are calm and dream-like to view. This work of art will be relaxing and enjoyable for years to come.

Because these paintings are done on Gallery quality canvas using the highest quality archival paint, you can be assured that your great grandchildren will still be enjoying your painting when you have passed it down to them! In this world of planned obsolescence, where things break down on purpose, this is one thing you can expect to truly last.

The Minimum Size for this method of Commission is 4' x 6' if you are in North America and 4' x 8' for most other places in the world. Setting a minimum size ensures that travelling expenses and accommodations are covered. If you are looking for a smaller commissioned custom landscaping painting, please contact me to make different arrangements.

Because custom sized art on canvas can be of any size and shape, it is difficult to set prices. I have included a chart sampling possible sizes and prices. Keep in mind that custom designs can be created in any size and a shape that suits your environment, so don't be constrained by these suggestions.

Sample Size Price Chart

Sample Sizes Price Based on Size
4'x 6' $9,048
4' x 8' $12,064
6' x 6' or 3' x 12' $13,572
8' x 8' or 4' x 16' $24,127
8' x 12' or 4' x 24' $36,191
12' x 12' or 6' x 24' $54,286
8' x 24' $72,382
12' x 36' $162,860

Travelling to your location is ideal for large sized paintings. Any large painting is difficult to ship. And once you received it, you would have to have the pieces reassembled in your home by professional painting stretchers. This is not something your local picture framers would be capable of, especially since they would have to come to your home to do it!

Original Custom Paintings
"Does your home look kinda like this?!?"

These works of art are not for everyone. To start with not everyone has the wall space for an amazingly huge painting such as one of these. But for the person that has the space and where price isn't really an issue, the problem is finding someone who you can trust to paint something that is simply spectacular.

When you choose to Commission an Original Oil Painting for your home, it reflects a piece of your personality and makes your home more vibrantly yours.

You want a showpiece that is totally original, one that you will be able to enjoy for years. Together we can create a piece of such stunning power and beauty that it will lift your mood whenever you are in its presence.

If you are that person, then fate has dropped you in front of this web page because you want something extraordinary.

I will design and create a work of art that enhances and brings your space alive.

Whether that space is a head office, business lobby, restaurant, casino or, of course, your home, I will work with your ideas, and your color swatches, chips, etc. to create the work of art your space needs.

How It All Comes Together

Each custom oil painting begins with a discussion of what you intend for the space or spaces. If this is not possible in person, it can be successfully accomplished by phone, email, Skype or, more likely, a combination of the three.

You can look through my Archive Gallery and through my curently available paintings. Decide which pieces and which elements appeal to you the most. Please fill me in on all the details that you know for sure, including which paintings are your favorites. Also please tell me all of your ideas. Even if they seem conflicting, we may well be able to incorporate all of them. If you know where you want to put the piece, you have colour preferences, or this painting is needed for a specific date, these are important things to mention as well.

If you live on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, we could arrange a home consultation, if that is something you would like. I could then get a better feel for where the painting will exist and the tastes and colour schemes you enjoy.

Contemporary Art for Home Decor
"Contemporary Painting can a zing to a traditional setting."

At this point, I could suggest some potential sizes and how much each will cost. Once we have settled on a size, I will confirm the price for your new painting. There may be some fluctuation on the final size and shape of the piece when I actually arrive on site as we may get new ideas, which change the overall concept, but the price will only fluctuate based on the final size of the piece or pieces. The price will never vary due to the time it takes to complete the piece.

Now I begin sketching. The finished dimensions of the piece greatly influence the composition. Usually I will do two or three sketches and email them to you or meet with you for approval. This is the best time to request changes. If none of these sketches appeal to you, I will make changes to the initial drawings or start over.

Once you have chosen a sketch we can confirm the size and price of the final piece. A deposit of 50% of the full price will be due at this time. We will also choose a time to do the final commission and an approximate completion time, so we can plan the Grand Reveal Gala! (More about the Gala later!)

When your painting can be scheduled will depend on prior bookings. As I can only schedule one or two of these commissions per month my schedule does fill up fast. So it is first come first serve, and if you have a specific time that you would like to have your masterpiece completed by, then it would be best to book with me as soon as possible!

Commissions usually take at least one to two weeks from the time I arrive on your doorstep. It takes at least a couple days to build and prepare the canvas. I can create commissions consisting of multiple pieces up to 6 feet long each or one complete piece all together. Even larger installations than I have mentioned are possible, and we can adjust the initial concepts when viewing the entire space. Works of art can be created in practically any size.

Original Art for Your Home or Business
"Custom art creates as beautiful a view inside as outside!"

Oil paintings must be done in stages, which allow each colour to dry a little before beginning to lay down the next colour. After the painting is completed, it takes approximately ten days to finish drying enough to touch. (Oil paintings take a full year to cure, but can be safely moved around and touched during all but the first week or two of that period).

I take digital pictures of the process, which I will put together in a small booklet telling the story of the creation of your artwork.

Once you are completely satisfied that the painting is exactly what you want, the final payment is due. You can deposit the remaining amount due on your painting in my PayPal account or I will accept a money order or certified cheque at that time.

As with all of my artworks, you will receive with your painting a Certificate of Authenticity, a care sheet, and a Bit About the Art, which will talk about the ideas surrounding the painting and what it means. All this info will also be duplicated in your booklet that you can keep on hand to show friends or family.

This is the last part of the process.

In the final days of the completion of the painting process I will help you put together the Grand Reveal Gala! This isn't mandatory, but I highly recommend it. This event is a fabulous open house to reveal your latest addition to your home. Long evening gowns, tuxedos, wine and cheese are the norm at these kinds of events. Personal invites can be sent out, professional catering called in, you can go as big as you wish or you could choose to hold a small, informal gathering of friends and family. I will be available at the Grand Reveal Gala to talk to guests, answer questions and, of course, supply witty art commentary.

I believe it is very important to celebrate the acquisition of art especially if the art was commissioned to commemorate a specific event, such as anniversaries, weddings, births, business openings, purchasing a new home, graduations or the accomplishment of other goals and life achievements. Even if your decision to have art created wasn't to commemorate anything in particular, the aquisition itself is often a once in a lifetime event that should be celebrated and shared.

Original Art Commission to Commemorate Special Events
"A dynamic focal point in your room created with custom oil paintings!"

This whole process is built on your satisfaction. I accept nothing but your happiness and will make every effort to make that a reality. When the dust settles and the final touches are made, you will be happy!

That is my Guarantee!

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