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Original Custom Art Paintings for Sale

Custom Hand-Painted Oil Paintings: The Process


  • You look through my collection of current Landscape Paintings and Landscape Painting Archives.
  • Decide which pieces and which elements appeal to you the most.
  • Let me know that you are interested in a custom landscape paininting. Please fill me in on all the details that you know for sure, including which paintings were your favorites and let me know all of your ideas. Even if they seem conflicting, we may well be able to incorporate all of them. If you know where you want to put the piece, you have colour preferences, or this commission original painting is needed for a specific date, these are important things to mention as well.


If you live close to Nanaimo, we could arrange a home consultation, if that is something you would like. I could then get a better feel for where the painting will hang and the tastes and colour schemes you enjoy.


At this point, I would suggest some potential sizes and how much each will cost. Once we have settled on a size, I will confirm the price for your new painting. This is not an estimate and I will never change it on you.


Now I begin sketching your custom artwork. The finished dimensions of the hand-painted oil painting greatly influence the composition. Usually I will do one or two sketches and email them to you or meet with you for approval. This is the best time to request changes. If neither of these sketches appeal to you, I will draw different ones. (I don't think that has ever happened, but it could.)

Custom Hand Drawings Commissions

Once you have chosen a sketch and I receive your deposit (half of the price of the finished commission original painting), I will begin your painting.


Custom Oil paintings usually take four to six weeks from this point. It takes at least two weeks to prepare the canvas and hand-paint the actual painting. Oil paintings must be done in stages, which allow each colour to dry a little before I begin to lay down the next colour.


After the landscape painting is complete, it takes approximately fifteen to twenty days to finish drying enough to transport and hang. (Oil paintings take a full year to cure, but can be safely moved around and hung during all but the first week or two of that period).


I usually take in-process digital pictures and I will email them to you if you wish, as I create your custom artwork. If you want the in-process pictures, please tell me when you commission the original painting. I will email a picture of the finished custom painting to you, for your final approval.


Once you are completely satisfied that this custom hand-painted oil painting is exactly what you want, you can deposit the remaining amount due on your painting in my PayPal account.

As with all of my artworks, with your commission original painting you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity, a care sheet, and a Bit About the Art which will talk about the ideas surrounding the painting and what it means.

As soon as the custom oil painting is dry enough to ship and you have sent your final payment, I will ship your landscape painting to you. If you live close to Nanaimo, I will deliver the painting to you myself, and give you a hand hanging it, if we can arrange a time that suits our schedules.

This is the last part of the process. When you receive your amazingly whimsical custom hand-painted oil painting, unwrap it with great enthusiasm and hang it on your wall. I include the hook and nail, so that step is easy. Lastly, take a picture of yourself or your family with your new oil painting and send me a copy, along with your comments.


I eagerly await adding your comments to my up coming Testimonial Page from people that are happy that they decided to commission me to produce the painting they wanted to own.

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