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Classical Portrait painting in a Renaissance Art Style
Sample of a Classical Portrait

Have you ever seen beautiful classical nude portraits and wanted to have yourself immortalized in such an elegant fashion?


Here's your chance!


These portraits, nude, draped or costumed, are done in a style reminiscent of renaissance masters. Although they appear to be etched into stone, they are actually relatively lightweight because they are created on a wood and plaster base.


You may pose live for nude portraits. If you are on Vancouver Island BC or in the lower mainland (Greater Vancouver, BC area); I'd be happy to come to you. If you prefer to pose live I will still need to take some reference shots to ensure that I can capture your personality and mood. If you live elsewhere in the world, I will work from your favourite photo. You can choose whether to send it by email or snail mail. Either way, from the time that I have photographs, it will take 4-6 weeks for your piece to be completed.


You will need to make a few choices:

  • Do you want to pose alone for your portrait? I also do portraits of nude couples and friends and parents with their babies. These don't have to be at all erotic and like all of the portraits, can be done completely nude, draped or costumed. With a commissioned portrait its up to you!
  • What size and shape would you like your piece to be? Shape will be somewhat dictated by the pose you've chosen, so I will make recommendations, but size is totally up to you, from 4 inches to 4 feet in a variety of configurations.
  •  What colour would you like in the background? I use a variety of blues, browns and purples. The blues and browns create a more classical feel in the nude portraits and the purples feel a little more modern.
  • Do you want to have gold leaf or would you prefer pastel accents? Gold leaf adds to the old world flavour and richness of the artwork and also creates a radiant glow that warms the piece. Pastels give a splash of contrasting colour and can be used to create the ground or the drapery if you are using some.

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