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The End of An Era & Nude Maternity Portraits

Landscape Painting from Richard Hoedl's Old Site

The 2 artists website is closed, so this is really the official beginning of  I'm so glad you found me!


On this site you will find original fine art paintings, custom hand-painted oil whimsical landscapes and classical elegance of the female nude.  This website also features information on how to have your own custom painting created.  And here in this blog, you will hear me rambling about the creative process and what I've been up to lately.


Mermaid Tattoo part of Maternity Mother Portrait
Detail of the Mermaid Tattoo

So besides building this site and working on my house, I've been creating beautiful nude maternity portraits.  The past few days I've been exclusively working on one maternity portrait that has a bit of a twist.  The twist is a beautiful tatoo of a mermaid.


This portrait was commissioned by a local couple, so I had the priveledge of meeting with them and doing the reference photography in my home studio.  This gave me a great oppportunity to see some of the personality of the woman I was painitng.


All of my fine art nudes, including commissioned paintings, are done in several stages.  For this piece, I have already built the frame, laid in the plaster that creates the textured background, painted the frame and the plaster and laid in the charcoal sketch.  The next part of the process is to etch back into the paint allowing white lines from the plaster to show.  this creates the feeling of sculpture within the portrait.  I would then add pastel highlights, goldleaf or both as requested.  This painting will have the warm glow of gold leaf.


I'm almost finished this portrait that will immortalize the expectant phase of this couple's life and its a great thing too.  The baby came a few weeks early (mom and babe are healthy and happy!) and this will be a great reminder of all the excitement they experienced waiting for their little one.


Well, I'm off to keep painting!





Nan Go Grannies - Chair Affair Charity

Original Painting on Chair for Charity
Hoedl Original Art For Charity!

Hi all!


I haven't written in a while, because I've been taking a break from painting to work on my house and building this new website of course.  We've been doing a little virtual and real world renovating, and though a break from painting always brings me back rejuvenated and ready for more, its not that interesting to anyone else!


What may be interesting is that I was asked to participate in the Nan Go Grannies Chair Affair Auction.  The auction has a bit of a twist...the art is all painted on chairs!  So here is my entry with one of my landscapes with the swirling skies painted on it.


If you are in the Nanaimo, BC (Vancouver Island, Canada) area and feel like popping by for some fun, frolicing and interesting art, the auction is on at 7:30, May 1st/2010 at the Cavalotti Lodge. For more info you can check out their website at


It should be a good time... and you may just find the perfect unique chair that was painted just for you!


Well gotta run.  I think the hammer is calling my name!


Richard Hoedl

Art Guy / Artist / House Renovator

Richard Hoedl's Original Painting on a Chair
Nan Go Grannies Chair Affair Charity Event

New Site comes closer to life!

This is actually the first day for this new site!  The previously dated articals have actually been copied from my previous blog site to test out this new blog format and to give you folks some of the back info on what I have been up to as well.


If you have been cruising around my site I hope you have liked what you have seen so far.  I am super impressed myself with some of the new features and hopefully you will be able to find your way around easily and effortlessly... if not let me know!  If you see little glitches or errors tell me please so I can fix them right away!


There is always something that gets missed when putting a site together.


Speaking of putting sites together... this one has gone so well that I am thinking of building web sites for artists who need to get out there into the web world.  I can do it pretty darn affordably too and it is super easy to manage afterwards.  You can send me a note if you want to know more about that Here!


But for the rest of you enjoy my site's gallery of fabulous Original Art and Paintings and don't forget to have a look at my Fine Art Giclee Prints and Reproductions as well!

Original Fine Art Nude Painting
Meandering Curves - Original Art by Artist Richard Hoedl

Starry Night - Original Art for Sale

Every year people ask if I can do one of my “Happy art” landscapes as a winter scene.

This year I finally did it!

“Starry Night” is a very unusual piece for me, mostly because it incorporates snow. It captures an evening of peace and connection. Starry Night is now available on eBay. If you go there right now it may still be available! Click Here to check it out!

Prints and cards will also be available shortly. I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready. If you are interested in having a print or card of Starry Night" send me a note.

I hope you enjoy looking at "Starry Night" as much as I enjoyed envisioning and painting it.