Random Triva about Richard Hoedl



Currently Residing in: 

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


Originally born in:

Valleyview, Alberta, Canada.

Town of around 1500 people.
4 hours North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Favourite leisure activity:
Meeting friends, playing board games, twiddling toes.

Favourite TV-Show:
Can't say that I really watch a lot of TV... but I kind of like Dragons Den and Marketplace.

Favourite books:
The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien

Favourite music:
Sting, and a handful of others that I'll have to hunt down.

Favourite drink:
Water & Hot Chocolate with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles

Favourite meal:
Canilloni and Smoked Candied Salmon

     (Not mixed together that would be weird)

Any kind of cheese cake is a good thing as well... with a good dose of chocolate. Did I mention I like chocolate??

Favourite country for traveling:
Canada... man I have to get out more... good thing it's a big country!


Favourite quotes:

"Have fun storming the castle!"
     - Miracle Max - "The Princess Bride"

"Exposure is great... unless you die from it!"
     - Richard Hoedl -


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