Crazyness is in the Air

It appears that it's that time of year again! I'll bet you think, I mean Christmas time, but I don't. I mean crazy-busy painting creation time.

I haven't written in a while so I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I've been up to… just in case you folks have been wondering!

Most of this past year I have been focusing on doing custom commissions for people. It has been a very busy year in that regards as I have also be stepping into doing custom portraits in my classical renaissance style that I do as well.

So if you are waiting around for the perfect piece to just show up online you may be better off just sending me a note to have me create something special just for you… if I haven’t already done so!

For Custom Commission Paintings and Art information go Here or send me a note in my Contact area if you have questions.

The end of October and the beginning of November I was gearing up for Nanaimo’s Downtown Art walk that I participate in every year. That took place in the middle of November. We had piles of people come to our house over the two days of the event. It was a lot of fun and a chance to meet lots of interesting people who live in our area. Next year I’ll be on the ball and send you all invites if you happen to be in the area so you can drop in and check out our little studio/gallery.

The following weekend we took a trip to Ucluelet, which is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. We went there to visit some friends and bring in some new paintings to the Mark Penney Gallery, which hosts some of my work. We had a lovely visit, and went home with a couple of unexpected puppies that we fostered for about a week and a half before sending them on to new homes.

Throughout the fall I‘ve been working on a new series of abstracted landscapes. The process of creating these paintings is a little messier than my usual oils, so I'm doing it in the basement studio to contain the mess. You can see one of them here.

The abstract series of paintings tend to be slightly more muted than the “Through the Forest” series of whimsical landscapes. If you were hoping to see more of those vibrant paintings, never fear, I have several new creations I’ll be posting on eBay over the next couple of weeks.

I tend to only post small and medium pieces for auction on eBay. But if you are keen on seeing some of my larger works I will be revamping my whole website in the New Year so that I can properly showcase my original works along side my new Gicleé Print Gallery. If you haven’t already checked out my Online Print Gallery go to: to check it out!

Feel free to drop me a line to ask questions, make comments or just to say “hi!” I am always happy to chat and distract myself from work!

I wish you all the best of the holiday season and I hope you are ready yet another fabulous New Year!

Richard Hoedl
Art Guy - Artist - Farmer
Skype: x2artists

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